Tuesday, 01 September 2009




    Your macho cowboy swagger
    Once seduced a Jewish heiress.    

    She was indignant later,
    When, unable to get it up for her,
    You pissed in her fireplace.    

    Dribbling on canvas
    Became your substitute
    For the kind of sex
    You could only find
    Passed out cold
    On the urine-soaked pavements
    Of New York's Bowery.    

    Now, in a museum storeroom,
    In a country where they don't
    Even have a name
    For what probably ailed you,
    I see the monstrous demi-gods
    Grappling and - is it? - coupling
    Just under the surface
    Of one of your mysteriously
    Potent liquefactions.


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