Sunday, 20 September 2009

Texts on art
Visionary art

These are three galleries that offer my work, in London, Rome and Berlin, respectively 

 My dealer in Istanbul 

The web-site of my friends, Maslen & Mehra

 More friends

The site of America's leading ecological artist.

Celebrated Turkish artist who is also an old friend of mine

 A major figure in Caribbean art. I wrote a book about him

 Devoted to the work of the artist who is sometimes called ‘the French Francis Bacon’

 The nice guy who made this web-site for me

 Art where I come from

 Two sources of information about contemporary Chinese art

Specialist in new Middle Eastern art.

The site of Valentine Willie Fine Art – a major source of information about contemporary art in South-East Asia

 A non-political foundation devoted to promoting knowledge about Iranian culture, historic and contemporary

 The world’s most innovative fund supporting cultural development

 An exhibition I curated

 The web-address of the Museum of New Art in Parnu and Viljandi, Estonia. They have a considerable collection of my photographs

 The site of the Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia – the oldest poetry festival in Europe. I have had the honour to read there twice

 The finest private collection of antiquities in the world. I love art of this kind.

 The source for the software I use for my photography

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